Darrell’s girlfriend calls on former Pantera bandmates Anselmo and Paul to settle their differences in the name of tragic axeman

Communication breakdown: Pantera

The long-term girlfriend of tragic Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott has called on his ex-bandmates to end their feud in the name of the dead musician.

Drummer Vinnie Paul, Dimebag’s brother, and frontman Phil Anselmo have not spoken since Pantera split acrimoniously in 2003. The axeman was shot dead the following year on stage with new band Damageplan.

Paul’s bad feeling for Anselmo was fuelled by the singer’s negative statements about Dimebag published the week he died, although he’d said them some weeks previously.

Now Dime’s partner Rita Haney wants the pair to bury the hatchet. She tells RockMyMonkey: “Everybody still has resentment towards each other about things in the past.

“It’s easy to direct your anger at the wrong people. Philip didn’t murder Darrell and they would never have wanted that. Yeah, I resent Philip for becoming a jackass and a drug addict, and I’m a little sketchy about trusting him all the way yet.

“But some of the things he’s emailed and some of the thing he’s said – that’s the Philip I know, the ‘stronger than all’. There’s always room in my heart for him – I love him.”

Haney says Paul isn’t happy that she’s reopened communications with Anselmo: “He’s a little hot at me,” she admits. “I just hope some day he sees the light that I know Darrell is about, which is forgiving. I know it’ll come in time – you’ve got to let go to continue on.

“Darrell was probably the person who had the most forgiving nature. There were things we all did to each other and he always forgave. Some of them were really brutal – like the things with Philip and his drug abuse.

“Our issues are petty. That’s not the big picture. The big picture is all these people who loved Darrell. They’re what matters – not who we’re mad at.”

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