Bassist Bello remembers Darrell on the seventh anniversary of his murder – and recalls painful memories from 1997 tour together

Dimebag Darrell Abbott

Remembered: Dimebag

Anthrax bassist Frank Bello has hailed DImebag Darrell Abbott as the sixth member of the thrash band.

Dime was shot dead on stage on December 8, 2004, and the tragedy was a double-blow for Bello, whose brother was murdered in 1996. The crime was never solved.

The Pantera guitarist played on three Anthrax albums and the band’s new release includes a track called In The End, which pays tribute to him.

Bello tells Revolver: “We were so close to him – he was one of us. Dimebag was the sixth member of Anthrax. I thought paying tribute to him in song was a great idea.

“I lost a brother 13 years ago. Then to have Dimebag go in such a bad, traumatic way… He was like a brother to me.”

Bello remembers Anthrax’s tour with Pantera in 1997 as “scary” – but he can laugh about it now.

He says: “I brought a parasite home with me from Mexico in my stomach. I couldn’t hold anything in my stomach including liquor – imagine being on a Pantera tour without drinking liquor.

“Everything I put in my body, it was like a funnel. It came right out. I would have to run and hide, because Dime’s chasing me with this drink. He’d be yelling, ‘Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!’

“So I’m shooting this thing with a beer right after it. I swear to God: as soon as it went in my system it was right in the bowl.

“I laugh at that now, because I remember Dime laughing at me. Of course it was a painful thing for me, but it was a great thing for Dimebag. Those are the things you remember.

“I love them and miss them. Only the good die young.”

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