Elliott says their live show is evolving – but not because of the online complaint that sent him into rage

Joe Elliott

Our way: Joe Elliott

Def Leppard frontman Joe Elliott says the band are planning to evolve their set on their current tour – but not because a forum user kicked up a stink about them playing the same songs every night.

Elliott reacted with rage in August after someone he described as a “fucking moron” objected to Def Lep using the same setlist on a number of occasions.

At the time he explained it was because he was getting over the recent death of his father, so he was playing things safe.

Now he allows there’s an opportunity to add new and old songs to their performances – but it’s a natural development and not kowtowing to the “internet brigade.”

Elliott tells Tone Deaf: “A lot of people get tempter to change the set because somebody starts moaning on the internet.

“I had a big fight with one – we’ve named him ‘Dorito Boy’ because he obviously lives in his mum’s basement and he can’t get out of the chair because he weighs 500 pounds. He’s the guy the FBI go to when they need somebody to hack into the Kremlin.

“He moans that we played the same set four nights running. He’s not taking into consideration that we don’t pack the crowd up and take them with us, and play the same songs to the same people.

“If we do a gig in New York and we all come offstage and go, ‘That was the most perfectly-paced set we’ve ever played,’ why would we not want to play that in Kansas or LA or Chicago? It’s not the same crowd.

“We don’t play to the internet brigade. There’s always this temptation to keep changing the set to keep them happy. They don’t come to the gigs. So that’s a tough call, really, but it’s just one of the things you have to deal with.”

Elliott’s dad, a constant supporter of his son’s career, was already severely ill when Def Lep were preparing to tour. But Joe Senior insisted the show should go on, and the band only postponed shows when it became clear he’d taken a turn for the worst.

“For me, personally, it was a bit of a tough experience,” says the singer. “I haven’t properly grieved for my father yet because I had to be back out two days after we cremated him.

“But life is life. It still is a little painful and raw.”

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