Glenn claims he’ll die if he plays, goes on late, then tries to start riot when he’s forced off early

Axl DanzigGlenn Danzig has been slammed by a festival promoter for ripping off his fans after an eccentric backstage performance in which he claimed he’d die if he went on stage.

His Danzig Legacy act, where he performs tracks from across his career including material from his time with the Misfits, was scheduled to play the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin Texas, at 8.15pm on Friday.

But in a performance more usually associated with Axl Rose, the singer went on late, spent most of his showtime complaining to the crowd about the weather – and wound up playing just a few of the tracks they’d come to hear.

Promoter Graham Williams has posted an angry message on the festival’s Facebook page denying responsibility for the situation.

He says: “Yes, someone has your money and ripped you off. His name is Glenn. We still had to pay him and he didn’t deserve it after what he pulled.”

Williams explains Danzig told him he didn’t want to play the show as soon as he arrived in Texas. He complained of having a cold and demanded soup and vitamins, which were provided for him.

The promoter continues: “Glenn says it’s freezing in Austin and he can’t go on. Says it’s going to be 28 degrees tonight and he won’t perform. Keep in mind it’s currently 71 and sunny, with a night forecast of maybe 50.

“He says we have to move the show/festival inside if we want him to play – obviously that’s not possible.

“We rent stage heaters for Glenn per demand, and bring in an onsite doctor to make him happy. His agents and managers assure us he’s going to play now.”

The band’s crew were happy with their set-up, Williams says, but when Danzig arrived at the festival half an hour before showtime, he complained about the size of the stage and the way it was set – without having looked at it.

“He wouldn’t leave his trailer to go look at the stage,” says the promoter, “so the lighting company drew up specs and brought it to him to look over.

“Danzig says he’s just as big as Slayer and Slayer is playing a bigger stage on Sunday and that’s bullshit. He wants to play the same stage Slayer is playing, or he won’t play. Makes him look bad.

“It’s now 8.15 and time for them to go on. The band is ready. Glenn says big stages should have windscreens so wind can’t blow at him from the side. The stage managers tarp the entire side of the stage.

“It’s now 8.40. We explain it’s cutting into the set as park curfew is 10.

“He says: ‘I got a deathbug. If I go on stage and get sick, I’ll die. I’m not getting sicker for this show.’

“He totally looks and seems fine. No coughing, no paleness, no vomiting – just some balding and a gut, from what I can tell.”

After refusing medical treatment, saying he would only fight illness naturally, Danzig finally hit the stage an hour late.

Williams continues: “He tries to start a riot and blames the fest, the city, the cops and everyone but himself. He goes backstage, tries to fight a few people, gets in the van and leaves.”

The promoter calls it “hands down the biggest rock star moment we’ve ever dealt with” in the event’s six-year history, and adds: “We’re bummed too. We wanted to hear Skulls.”

Eyewitness Kevin Warwick of the Chicago Reader says: “Danzig’s set was a debacle. He started 45 minutes late, bitched and moaned throughout, and basically screwed the crowd over by barely playing any Misfits songs.

“The park has a 10pm curfew so the organisers understandably had to cut him off. Needless to say it was a wild scene. Danzig stood on stage for about ten minutes after the sound got cut, trying to incite something, I guess.

“It should come as no surprise that Danzig’s an eccentric nut, almost in an endearing way, but Friday’s festivities were just ridiculous, mind-boggling, and ultimately sad.

“Thankfully the Damned did the right thing and poked fun at Danzig throughout their entire set on Saturday. Shit, it was hilarious.”

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