Frontman John insists he was ‘mellow’ about regrouping – but ex-bandmates’ negative comments have shot the idea down for good

John Fogerty

Forever alone: John Fogerty

John Fogerty was prepared to open the door for a reunion of Creedence Clearwater Revival, but says it was his former bandmates, and not him, who prevented it happening.

And now there’s no chance of the much-vaunted gathering taking place.

CCR split in acrimony in 1972 and rhythm guitarist Tom, John’s brother, died in 1990 without having made peace with his sibling. The last time all four members played together was at Tom’s wedding in 1980, but in the following decade relations worsened through a series of legal actions.

While survivors Stu Cook and Doug Clifford had campaigned for a reunion in the past, they appeared to go off the idea. So when Fogerty started sending positive signals, the pair seemed not to believe there was no ulterior motive.

Cook told Uncut: “Leopards don’t change their spots – this is just an image-polishing message by John. My phone certainly hasn’t rung.” Clifford said: “It might have been a nice idea 20 years ago, but it’s too late.”

Now Fogerty tells Billboard: “I was surprised I was so mellow about it. But I’ve heard through the grapevine the other fellas were really upset or something over that.

“So I sent back: ‘Oh. I guess there’s no reunion then.’”

Fogerty is now working on a new solo album which he says will feature a number of big-name guest stars, with the Foo Fighters having been mentioned off the record.

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