Whitesnake mainman David admits his touring career can’t continue indefinitely – and common sense will tell him when to stop

David Coverdale

Common sense: David Coverdale

David Coverdale says one of the main reasons behind making new Whitesnake album Forevermore was to extend his touring career – which he admits can’t go on indefinitely.

And the singer says he’ll know when it’s time to retire.

The band are currently experiencing a massive resurgence with positive reviews for the album and the long-awaited release of a live DVD from their Monsters of Rock show at Donington in 1990.

Coverdale tells Backstage Axxess: “All Whitesnake albums are from the same bloodline. You’ll find relatives of Here I Go Again and Love Ain’t No Stranger – it’s all there.

“It’s a great, great band and it’s entirely revitalised with the new rhythm section of Brian Tichy and Michael Devin. Reb Beach and Doug Aldrich are still kicking major six-string arse. We’ll be touring all the way to Christmas, and I’ll be celebrating still being able to do it at my advanced age.

“The reason I’ve put out a new record is so I can tour as much as I can before retiring. It’ll just be a matter of common sense for me to step down when I can’t get the notes only dogs can hear.”

The veteran frontman was forced off the road in 2009 after suffering vocal cord injuries on tour. Midway through a concert in Colorado he announced he couldn’t continue, bowed and left the stage.He later said he’d made a full recovery.

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