Taylor says he’s won’t lie to fans over band’s survival chances – and insists they haven’t even discussed new album

Corey Taylor

No cheerleader: Corey Taylor

Corey Taylor remains at odds with Slipknot bandmate Joey Jordison, and says the band could be finished if their upcoming European shows don’t work out well.

Drummer Jordison insists the band will continue despite the death of bassist Paul Gray a year ago, and he’s already written songs for their next album. But Taylor has remained less sure of the outfit’s future.

Last week Jordison warned: “We’ll go on – with or without Corey.”

Now the frontman says in equally frank terms: “I’m not going to spoonfeed false hope to the fans: if this tour doesn’t work, the band might be over.”

He tells WGRD Radio in Michigan: “This is kind of a baby-step towards seeing what’s going to happen later. If everyone is able to pull together and do what’s right for Paulie, we’ll see what happens.

“I’m telling people how it is. Until things make sense for me I’m not going to be a cheerleader – the fans would see through it, and I’d feel terrible being that guy.”

Taylor insists that despite what anyone else says, future Slipknot plans have not been discussed: “That hasn’t happened. The only thing we’ve talked about as a band is the tour. People keep asking me but I’m like, ‘Can we get through this and see what happens?’”

The frontman admits he’s not had time to take stock of Gray’s tragic death last May. “Two weeks later I was on the road with Stone Sour,” he says. “It was pretty heavy-duty. It’s still a shock.

“I’m going to take some well-deserved time off after the tour – it will be the first time I’ve had more than three weeks off in a long time, so I’m pretty stoked about that. And we’re working on new stuff for a Stone Sour album, something that could freak out a lot of people.”

Slipknot’s first appearances without Gray will be at a series of festivals across Europe during the summer. The bassist will be replaced by former guitarist Donnie Steele, but the band have said if they do continue they won’t bring in a new member for studio work.

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