Phil is carried out of awards ceremony and admits he couldn’t perform even if he wanted to (and he doesn’t)

Pain: Collins

Retired Genesis drummer Phil Collins was helped out of an awards ceremony in agony at the weekend, suffering from an attack of the nerve damage which forced him to give up performing.

And he admitted he couldn’t return to the stage even if he wanted to – which he doesn’t.

Collins, 60, was due to present a gong to Ringo Starr at the Mojo Awards, but had to be half-carried out before he could deliver the honour.

He told the Mirror: “I’m on my last legs. I couldn’t come back to music. All these aches and pains – I can’t do it any more.”

Collins revealed in 2009 that years of bad posture behind the drumkit meant his spine had crushed his spinal cord, leaving him in constant pain and making it impossible to grip his sticks.

In March he confirmed he was retiring from the music industry. He’d previously drawn criticism for effectively ending Genesis’ career with the words: “I think that’s more or less over.”

Before leaving the awards event he said: “I actually don’t like music that much. I don’t really listen to music.”

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