Mic Todd parts company with prog rockers following his arrest for holding up drugstore hours before he went on stage

Mutual decision: Mic Todd

Coheed and Cambria have dismissed bassist Mic Todd following his arrest for holding up a drugstore while claiming he had a bomb.

Todd was arrested on July 10 just before he hit the stage with the band after police trailed him from the scene of the crime in Attleboro, Massachusetts to the Comcast Center venue in nearby Mansfield.

He was jailed on suspicion of showing a pharmacist a message on his phone claiming he had a bomb and it would be detonated if he wasn’t given drugs. Six bottles of prescription painkillers were handed over.

Todd posted bail of $25,000 last week and was freed, although it’s not known who put up the money.

At the time Coheed announced they’d continue their tour without cancelling any shows and added: “We are surprised to say the least – and we will address the situation with Michael after the tour.”

They played on the night in question as a three-piece then carried on their US tour with stand-in musicians Wes Styles and Rob Gill. Now they say they’ve parted ways with Todd in a “mutual decision.”

It’s the second time the 30-year-old has been out of the band, after leaving for a year in 2006 due to “personal issues.”

A statement from the band fronted by Claudio Sanchez says: “After a lot of thought, introspection and discussion, Coheed and Cambria will be continuing our journey without Michael Todd.

“We have spoken to him and this is a mutual decision between both parties. Michael was a great contributor. Our hearts go out to his family and to all those who appreciate his talents – we wish him nothing but the very best.

“We are currently writing and recording songs for a new album, as well as a couple of compilations this fall. We are very excited about how the songs are shaping up and can’t wait to share them.

“A new chapter awaits.”

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