64-year-old cheers himself up during trip to deal with divorce papers by filing official name-change documents at the same time

Led Zeppelin

What's in a name: Led Zep

A 64-year-old rock fan officially changed his name to “Led Zeppelin II” during a trip to file divorce papers.

And the former George F Blackburn of Bethalto, Missouri, says the move has improved his quality of life, with fellow Zep fans buying him drinks when they find out his legal title.

Zeppelin was in a courthouse dealing with the paperwork surrounding the split from his third wife when he decided to fill in one more form.

He tells STL Today: “They changed my life forever, and that’s my whole reason for doing this.”

Now even his ex-wife calls him “LZ” and friends refer to him as “Zep”.

He says: “I don’t want to appear to be some off-the-wall drug addict idiot. I just changed my name from the standpoint that I can be a better person than I used to be.”

Some people still call him George – and that’s okay too: “I want them to be comfortable. I reinvented myself. Since I became Led Zeppelin, my life has improved a thousandfold.”

In most parts of the US a name change can take place more or less instantly once applicants complete the paperwork, pay around $200 and have an announcement placed in a local newspaper.

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