Saxon frontman warns ex-members not to cross the line with musical activities and repeats there will never be a reunion

Warning: Byford

Saxon frontman Biff Byford has issued a veiled threat to former members of the band that they’ll face legal action if they break the terms of an agreement which limits their musical activities.

And he reiterates there’s absolutely no chance of a reunion with founding musicians Graham Oliver and Steve Dawson.

The guitarist and bassist formed a breakaway band in 1995 and are allowed to work under the name “Oliver Dawson Saxon” following a protracted court battle with Byford.

But the singer believes some fans remain upset about the arrangement – and he’s keeping a close eye on it.

Byford says: “Some people are talking of reunions. I can tell you now: while ex-members are living in the past and pretending to be in Saxon at every opportunity, there will be no reunion.

“We allowed them to use the name ‘Oliver Dawson Saxon’ so they could earn money. We allowed them to appear on the Heavy Metal Thunder live DVD, which was done for the fans, as it should be.

“But they’re not allowed to do anything else. I know all of you do not like the face they can use that name.

“If they cross the line too far we will enforce our high court injunction.

“Saxon are on a fantastic journey at the moment and we have a great legacy of music. But that includes all our music – not just part of it.”

Saxon’s 19th album Call to Arms will be released next month.

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