Axeman Ron explains why he only joined band a month before tour – as Axl and co are mentioned in Wikileaks

Viewpoints: Bumblefoot and Rose

Ron Bumblefoot Thal joined Guns n’Roses just a month before the band headed out on tour after spending over a year locked in a “big battle of views” with Axl Rose and co.

But the guitarist says he’s been delighted with the half-decade he’s spent in GnR – even though the first few shows were stressful because he didn’t know the band’s new songs.

Bumblefoot tells Gibson: “Joe Satriani landed me the gig. He shot me an email and said they were looking for somebody and he’d recommended me, so if someone got in touch it wasn’t an odd joke.

“A few hours later the keyboard player, Chris Pitman, shot me this funny email, really obnoxious, and we started talking.

“We made plans, and the plans changed – that’s a whole other story.”

By the time both parties agreed to a trial there were only a few weeks remaining before GnR headed out on their 2006 world tour.

Bumblefoot says: “After a big battle of views we decided to give it a shot. We hadn’t spoken for about a year and a half. We got together maybe seven times, then toured for a year and a half.

“I knew the old stuff, but it was the new stuff – I had to figure them out, listening on a laptop with headphones. I had cheat sheets sitting on the PA.

“But it’s really good. There have been a lot of great experiences; it’s been like a five-year whirlwind, a lot of ‘Did that just happen?’ stuff. We wear it on our sleeves.”

Meanwhile, GnR have been mentioned in one of Wikileaks’ recent releases of secret political correspondence.

The message concerns China’s national ban on the band’s 2008 album Chinese Democracy. A government official writes: “Many people do not like this music as it is too loud.”

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