Guns n’Roses guitarist Ron walks away from serious multiple smash – and then gets straight back to work making music


Walk away: Bumblefoot

Guns n’Roses guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal survived a potentially fatal car accident on Tuesday after a driver ploughed into his vehicle and forced it into another two.

He miraculously walked away from the pile-up, which totalled his Toyota – and after dealing with the associated paperwork he got straight back to work making music.

Bumblefoot, 41, posted a photo of the wreckage via his Twitter account and commented: “Thank you Toyota for the functional seat belt, air bags and crumple zone. You saved my skull.”

He added: “SUV just ploughed into me at full speed. My car is totalled and two other cars she smashed me into. I’m well enough to tweet, which means I’m not dead yet.”

The guitarist spent yesterday arranging a rental car and filing his insurance claim, saying: “I’ve spent 24 hours dealing with car rental, insurance and collision folks, banks and police – as the injuries begin to reveal themselves.”

Responding to well-wishers he added: “Oh, please – I’m in Guns n’fucking Roses. This is all like a walk in the park!”

But last night he was back in his studio working on a new solo track called Cat Fight. He commented: “It’s finished. I’ve just go to transcribe it and get all the extras ready to go.”

In January last year former GnR guitarist Gilby Clarke was seriously injured in a hit-and-run incident while riding his motorcycle. The driver was never identified. Clarke said later: “It knocked me down for six months. I couldn’t work and I get around with a cane, so it has been tough. It has been a hard two years for me and for the rest of the country, but with this on top on of it? It was hard.”

Bumblefoot's car wreck

Bumblefoot's wreck photo

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