Drummer has a go at singer’s solo tour and says he’s tired of having to “rebuild the band” every year

Bobby Blotzer

Ratt bite: Bobby Blotzer

Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer has exploded with rage at singer Steven Pearcy and says he’s tired of having to “rebuild the band” after every fallout.

The Sunset Strip sleaze rockers have a notoriously stormy relationship, with their current status unclear after they appeared to implode despite the success and acclaim of 2010 album Infestation. Even if they do regroup, it would appear bassist Bobby Crane won’t be invited back.

Pearcy has embarked on a solo tour and Blotzer has taken the opportunity to fire a broadside via his Facebook page. He writes: “Congrats to the Stephen Pearcy solo band adventure on the first show for his huff 2011 tour, and the lucky 52 people who got to hear Ratt’s music butchered.

“Poor promoter! And asking for a rider and his two packs of smokes on top of his monster drawing power? Priceless.”

The drummer adds: “All will be told in my new book. I’ll tell you this, though: I’m sick of the lies and deception from the whole lot of them in this band. And guess who owns the name? Two right now.”

Commenting on accusations that the attack is designed to promote his autobiography, Blotzer continues: “Yes, I’m obviously really burnt and pissed here, but I’m not doing it as a promo for the book.

“I want Ratt to be Ratt, with all of us. I’m tired of rolling a snowball uphill to build the snowman. It’s all about the love of playing for guys year in, year out, and having a great job with job security. Every single year I’m rebuilding this band.”

Pearcy recently said his solo career would take up the majority of 2011, “And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” He added that his album would feature songs which he wanted to appear on Infestation, explaining: “They should have been in there, but stubbornness and politics prevented it.”

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