Band reveal they’ve been binned in favour of ex-Maiden Bailey hiring local backing bands – just the way Paul does

Blaze Bayley

New direction: Blaze Bayley

Blaze Bailey has dumped his band in order to tour by hiring local backing bands – just the way fellow ex-Iron Maiden singer Paul Di’Anno operates, say his former bandmates.

Guitarists Jay Walsh and Nico Bermudez, alongside brother and bassist David Bermudez, have reacted to Bailey’s surprise announcement that he was shutting down the Blaze Bailey Band for “financial and medical reasons.”

And they blame the change in direction on the frontman’s “self-appointed girolfriend manager.”

The dismissed members tell Blabbermouth: “We feel it’s only fair to let people know the true reasons why the band ended.

“Claims that health and finance have forced Blaze to continue without us are only partially true, to say the least. Proof of this is that he’ll continue touring on his own with session musicians.

“It’s obviously cheaper and easier for a promoter to fly in a solo singer and have him play with random local musicians or Maiden tribute acts who might play for free or for the prestige. It saves money for the promoter and leaves more financial gain for the contracted artist.”

The band point out that Bailey is likely to be performing songs written by the band when he completes upcoming pre-arranged tour dates, saying: “Our standpoint is that the band’s two studio albums, written by the band and quite obviously not by Blaze along, should be promoted by the band – rather than us being dumped without fair option or choice, for the better gain of one band member and one self-appointed girlfriend manager.”

They say they’ve spent the past 24 hours fielding calls and emails from promoters who don’t know anything about Bailey’s stated postponement of UK dates, which he says will be fulfilled in December.

They add: “We have not been told the entire truth about his plans at any point since January. There has been a total disregard and lack of respect paid to the four years we worked on the music, the planning and the very hard touring we’ve done across Europe, Russia and South America since early 2008.”

Early Maiden singer Di’Anno has spent a number of years touring on his own and arranging for local bands to back him. He briefs the musicians in advance with a set made up of Maiden and solo tracks, and aims of minimal rehearsal before playing the arranged shows. Bayley is set to tour the UK with his first band Wolfsbane next month, supporting Saxon.

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