Borland explains Gold Cobra cover is poor on purpose – as Metallica collab poster is banned for looking like graffiti

Gold Cobra

Bad art: Bizkit's album cover

Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland says the cover of new album Gold Cobra is meant to be bad.

The art, which has already been nominated for worst album cover of the year, shows three women with their tongues lolling out under a giant snake, while a monkey-like creature appears to pick its nose in the background.

Borland tells Artist Direct: “We were thinking of Gold Cobra as a horror movie. That’s where the album cover came from.

“As far as the art goes I was thinking of Frank Frazetta type of images with the giant snakes and monsters with scantily-clad really sexy girls under a guy with a sword. It’s that Conan-looking Frazetta art. That’s where a lot of the inspiration for the art came.

“I put it through my retard filter and it came out like it did on the album.

“If I had to compare Gold Cobra to a movie, I guess it would be Jaws. We’re collectively the shark and we like to swim with bow-legged women!”

Meanwhile, a promo poster for Metallica and Lou Reed’s collaborative album Lulu has been banned by bosses of the London Underground system.

The cover shows the damaged top half of a female mannequin with no arms, with the title scrawled in blood over the top.

A spokesman for Transport For London says their executives decided it looks too much like graffiti.

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