Graziadei reveals frontman Evan’s decision came out of the blue just as they’d finished album they were all happy with

Billy Graziadei

Bombshell: Graziadei

Biohazard guitarist Billy Graziadei has revealed frontman Evan Seinfield quit the band – and his colleagues were left shocked by the move.

They’d just finished work on and album they were all proud of when Seinfeld told them he was leaving. Graziadei says they had to decide at very short notice whether to continue without him.

And although they recruited former member Scott Roberts as a temporary stand-in, they may keep him on after all.

Graziadei tells Metalshrine: “It dropped like a bombshell – it came from left field.

“We’d finished tracking the album in February and didn’t have much contact with him. Then a couple of weeks ago he called up and said: ‘I can’t do it any more.’

“He’s got a bunch of personal stuff and it’s mostly secret. He made a decision and we weren’t happy about it. But we made the decision to keep going.”

Graziadei recounts how he and bandmates Billy Hambel and Danny Schuler had a matter of days to get Roberts up to speed for their appearance at the UK’s Download festival, followed by a set at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.

“Scott did great,” says the guitarist. “The Metal Hammer show was phenomenal. Scott was just temporary, but who knows? The feedback from everybody was ‘Wow’. He looks a little like Evan and sounds like him – but there’s an opportunity to bring something new to table so we’ll see.”

Biohazard had a title for the upcoming album but came up with a new one just last week and are in the process of changing over. Until the job is completed Grazidei won’t reveal the name.

“I know Evan’s as proud of the record, and as happy with how it came out, as we are. We’re all psyched, and even though things are different it doesn’t mean much has changed – the heart and soul of the band is still intact.”

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