1994: band kicked out of festival for causing crowd invasion…
2011: guitarist Hambel says it could happen again this time


Hazard warning: The classic lineup

Biohazard may repeat the dramatic acts which saw them kicked out of the 1994 Monsters of Rock festival in the UK when they return to play at the same event in June.

Seventeen years ago their second-stage set was stopped after two songs after they invited the crowd to rush the stage. They were escorted back to their dressing room, which they smashed up in protest, and were ejected from the arena as a result.

They played again two years later. This year they’re set to appear at Monsters of Rock’s successor, Download – but guitarist Bobby Hambel says the band are still all about chaos.

He tells Telegram.com: “We never liked barricades and security guards. We want the kids on stage with us. We want them to come up, if that’s what they want to do, grab the mic, say something and jump off.

“Everybody’s having fun, and sometimes that can get out of hand – our shows are chaotic. Very chaotic.”

Hambel left the Brooklyn hardcore outfit in 1994 after their third album, State of the World Address. The classic lineup got back together in 2008 and are aiming to release a new album in September. It’s to be dedicated to Type O Negative singer Peter Steele, who died last year.

The guitarist says: “It’s the heaviest, fastest and hardest stuff Biohazard has ever done. But on the other hand it’s the most melodic and soulful too.”

But despite the threat of behaviour which could have Health & Safety officers going wild, Hambel maintains the band’s music is about honest emotion.

“We’re brutally honest,” he says. “We’re trying to write about things we have experience in. And we know we can back up the words.

“We’ve never felt that we had to obey and laws or rules.”

Guitarist and vocalist Billy Graziadel adds: “We can’t wait to get back over to the UK and play Download. We’re psyched to be back on the road again after spending the past year working on this new album. See you in the pit.”

Download takes place on June 10-12 and will be headlined by Linkin Park, System of a Down and Def Leppard. Last year’s event saw a stage invasion by Five Finger Death Punch fans after frontman Ivan Moody called on the crowd to start surfing, promising the security staff would look after them. The band had to stop playing while Moody pled for people to calm down, before they played one more song.

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