Download 2011: Anthrax Ian says replacement for Am I Evil jam will keep thrash giants together on stage for longer

Scott Ian

Missing out: Scott Ian

Scott Ian of Anthrax says the Big 4 of thrash are planning to replace their end-of-show mass jam with something the fans will love more.

Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax have ended their blockbuster group shows twice by coming together to jam Diamond Head’s Am I Evil.

They did it once in Bulgaria for their live DVD, then again in California in April.

But by the time the thrash giants gather at the Yankee Stadium in New York in September, they hope to have something even more special for the eager audience.

Ian, whose side-project The Damned Things played Donington this weekend, tells RockAAA he’s been discussing a new plan with Metallica: “I did have a talk with Lars Ulrich about something for the Yankee Stadium show.

“It’s something different. It’s great getting up and doing Am I Evil, but the full song is too much so we’re only up there for two and a half minutes.

“We want to be up there longer, so we talked about some other things to do that’ll enable us to be up there and enjoy the time.”

Ian says the bands haven’t decided whether they’ll make the change in time for their summer season of Sonisphere festivals across Europe – most of which he’s due to miss while he attends the birth of his first child.

“I’m super-excited,” says the guitarist. “It would take something like that not to play the Big 4 shows. I can’t believe I’m not going to be there: the agent told me last night, ‘There’s 59,000 people in Germany and 60,000 in Italy…’ I know – but I’ll be in LA with my baby. I have no choice.”

Ian’s son will be two months old when he attends his first Big 4 show at the Yankee Stadium. “I’m sure he’ll have a lot of memories,” he jokes.

“People get to see how distinctly different the four bands are. You’re not getting slammed over the head with the same thing for five hours. You get to see why the four of us are still around.”

Slayer’s Tom Araya recently said he didn’t take part in the Am I Evil jam in California because he doesn’t believe the track is representative of the Big 4 as a group. He suggested replacing it with Metallica’s The Four Horsemen – but Ulrich said it would “seem a little selfish” to end the night with one of the headline act’s songs.

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