Anthrax frontman Joey tackled on stage by venue security – even though he’d already been on stage for 90 minutes

Joey Belladonna

Caught in a mosh: Joey Belladonna

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian is furious after singer Joey Belladonna was forced to the ground by a security guard during their show in LA on Saturday.

The band were 90 minutes into their show when Belladonna went to put his arm round a fan who’d managed to make his way onto the stage.

A bouncer climbed onto the stage and threw himself at the fan, taking the singer down with them. Belladonna remained at the bottom of the scrum as more guards joined in.

Bassist Frank Bello was the first member of the band to stop playing as the violent episode continued. He screamed abuse at the overzealous guard as the rest of Anthrax ground to a halt.

After the minute-long incident Ian told the crowd: “It’s pretty smart to tackle the singer. Fucking geniuses working here, huh? I guess they haven’t seen him up here on stage for the last 90 minutes. He’s in the band!”

Anthrax continued with their show after a short delay, with Belladonna announcing: “Sorry about that. I’m going to have a sore ass tomorrow – I know that!”

Ian later repeated his complaint on Twitter, adding: “Joey is banged up but OK.”

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