Despite worldwide crisis 5FDP guitarist Zoltan says jungle law economic system is “cool” – as he plays down shredder award

System support: Zoltan Bathory

Five Finger Death Punch guitarist Zoltan Bathory insists the form of capitalism currently practised in the USA is “cool” – even though the system is in the middle of a global meltdown.

The US’ world credit rating was downgraded by ranking organisation Standard & Poor’s for the first time in history this week as the government infrastructure came close to collapse over debt management law.

It follows three years of financial collapses all over the world following the exposure of untenable, and in many cases illegal, episodes of selling and re-selling toxic debt and other forms of mismanagement.

But Bathory says it’s to be celebrated – and that’s why 5FDP’s new album is called American Capitalist.

The guitarist tells Bloody Disgusting: “I don’t want to jump into analysing the economy, but America adopted a form of capitalism that’s very close to nature.

“Nature’s pretty cool in the way it works: the strong kill the weak and it’s a circle of life, and we dig that theme. We’re living in a concrete jungle – you have to go and hunt so you can make money.

“Even though the process has changed the fundamentals are still the same. You pretty much have to make conscious decisions on whether you’re going to be the zebra or whether you’re going to join the lion pride and go out there and kill a mutherfucker.”

Bathory accepts that, in a financial environment described by some experts as “the pack turning on itself,” some people might not agree with the band’s stance – but he says: “We get flak from people who say, ‘This is bro metal,’ or, ‘This is tough guy music.’ You know what? Yeah – it is tough guy music. It’s like, ‘Fuck you, I don’t play music for the pussies.’”

And Bathory maintains he has every right to support a system many people believe is failing, because it worked for him: “I came to this country with my guitar on my back and nothing in my pocket. I came from absolute zero. My singer was a foster child and my guitarist was adopted after being found in the stress in some garbage. Every single member of this band came and fought for it.

“I like the way we play to an audience that shares this idea of survivalism. It connects to the spirit of the champion: you get the fuck up and fight one more round, no matter what.”

Despite his stance Bathory dismisses his 2010 Metal Hammer award for Shredder of the Year, saying it’s more to do with better musicians not having been in the running.

“I want to give a shout out to Yngwie Malmsteen and all those guys – thank you for not running that year…

“I feel it’s an honour, but it’s not an open door for someone to become an asshole; it just means you were bringing something to the table that was technically interesting for the people who play, and was also digestible enough for the fans to vote for you.”

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