Feelgood movie dream tainted as Glenn Five departs in bad blood and frontman says they’re glad to see him go


Moving on: Lips says band don't miss Five, right

Anvil bassist Glenn Five has left the band in bad blood, with frontman Lips Kudlow claiming he tried to sabotage their plans before he departed.

Five, who appeared in the celebrated Anvil: The Story of Anvil feelgood movie, has been replaced by Sal Italiano from a New York based Iron Maiden tribute band.

And Lips says he an drummer Robb Reiner were glad to see their bandmate of 16 years leave.

The frontman tells Metal Shock Finland: “Glenn tried to make it difficult by leering without proper notice. But we’ve been preparing for this for quite some time.

“There was no major issue in fixing this at all, and in fact everything was sorted out within a few hours.

“We’re working with a new improved bassist. This did end up for the better as it is a huge improvement with our new guy, both musically as well as personally.”

Five, real name Glenn Gyorffy, who joined the band in 1996, says: “Although Anvil has been a great band to play in, I have been limited creatively. I have a wide taste in music and it’s time to broaden my horizons.”

Last year Lips confirmed he’d finally been able to quit his job at a children’s catering firm and was making his living out of music. He adds: “I’m working on my first million.”

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