One punch during bandmate brawl over load-out ends in hospital and jail – and doctors say victim may never recover

Terry Span

Victim: Terry Span of Aleister Wild

Doctors fear a guitarist may never wake up from a coma after being punched once by a bandmate.

Bassist Michael Sorden of veteran Ohio rock outfit Aleister Wild first knocked singer Ernest Munoz to the ground then turned on six-stringer Terry Span in a brawl over loading out gear after a pub gig.

Span is on life support after being knocked out by the single blow while Sorden is in jail, while Munoz remains bewildered over the tragedy.

The singer tells the Colorado Springs Gazette how an argument started because Sorden wanted him to help load his gear into their van.

“I told him, ‘Forget you’ – and he came at me, but I thought he was just going to yell in my face.

“And he just swung and punched me so hard that I fell to the ground.”

Span stepped in to calm things down but Munoz says: “The next thing I know, I see Mike hitting him and Terry falls down like dead weight. Blood spattered on my arms and I knew there was something really serious about this.”

Sorden was shocked too: “He went down on his knees and started crying and begging for him to get up,” reports Munoz.

“I just couldn’t believe someone would do something like that over nothing. It’s not like Terry stole his girlfriend or a paycheck. He just snapped.”

Medical experts have warned that even if Span recovers consciousness he’s likely to suffer permanent ill effects from the attack.

“He’s got tubes coming out of his ear for blood drainage, a fractured skull and indentation on his head,” says Munoz. “From what I can tell he’s living off a life support system.”

Trucking firm owner Sorden, described as having “anger management issues,” was on parole for a 2009 felony after firing four shots into the cab of another driver.

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