He hasn’t boarded plane since fatal 2008 crash – but he’s desperate for Blink to tour further afield once more

Travis Barker

Survivor: Travis Barker

Travis Barker is desperate to cure his fear of flying so Blink 182 can tour all over the world again.

The drummer hasn’t set foot on a plane since the 2008 crash in which four of the six people on board will killed, while he and his friend Adam Goldstein were left severely injured.

The aftermath of the tragedy saw Blink 182 reuniting after years of acrimony – and now Barker would like to wipe out the remaining negativity from his life.

He tells Rolling Stone: “I’m trying to get hypnotised and I’ve been talking to a doctor who retrains your brain.

“I want to go to Australia – but that would take 32 or 33 days on a boat. I don’t know if I could do that. It’s so fucked.”

Barker vowed to enjoy a new lease of life while he was recovering from the near-fatal crash.

“When I was lying in my hospital bed, I promised myself than if I could ever walk again, I’d swim every day, exercise and eat well.

“I used to drink and had a painkiller addiction, but all that stopped after my accident.

“I looked death right in the eye.”

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