Thin Lizzy’s Gorham says he wasn’t informed about ceremony as Gary is buried in Brighton after a private family gathering

Gary Moore

Family ceremony: Gary Moore

Gary Moore was buried on Wednesday following a private ceremony attended by his family – and none of his celebrity friends were told about the arrangements.

Thin Lizzy bandmate Scott Gorham has said he wasn’t informed about the Brighton funeral, but he’ll visit Moore’s grave in the near future.

The Irish rock and blues icon died suddenly on holiday in Spain earlier this month. His children paid tribute at the service, with son Jack playing an emotional guitar version of the folk song Danny Boy.

Daughter Lily said: “Dad was a man with rather colourful shirts, who possessed a childlike quality and was an inspiration to many – the kind of person you could never forget.”

Father Martin Morgan, who conducted the ceremony in St Margaret’s Church, Rottingdean, told the congregation: “Gary was someone who took the talent he was given and used it to touch the souls of others.

“They once asked lots of people to play in a local pub for the Haiti earthquake victims. Gary was the only one who turned up. Not only did he perform, but his amp broke down and he kept playing. He was the kind of musician who’d play anywhere if someone lent him an amp.

“I believe, for this generosity, Gary is in Heaven.”

Gorham later said: “No one kept me informed about any arrangements regarding his funeral. But I’ll drive down to Brighton one day on my own and pay my respects.”

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