Follower’s verbal attack on new girlfriend leads Seb to say his life’s been hell since divorce proceedings began last April

Sebastian Bach

Rant: Sebestian Bach

Sebastian Bach has lashed out at a fan for making what he calls a “year of misery” even worse.

The former Skid Row singer was arrested in November following a bar brawl, after which it was revealed he’d been dealing with the death of his father and was in the process of divorcing his teenage sweetheart.

Now he’s exploded with rage on Twitter after an unexplained run-in with someone who recognised him. It appears he was out on a date when a follower of his music called the women in question a “home-wrecker”.

Bach says: “I can’t believe it when so-called fans go out of their way to say hurtful rotten bullshit to people I care about, only because I care about them. You know who you are.

“There are no home-wreckers in my life. My home has been wrecked since last April. I am fucking divorced. I did not date any girls until after the divorce papers were filed.

“I have been going through complete misery since last April.

“It shocks me when I find a modicum of happiness, only to be thwarted by people who claim they like my music. How fucked up is that?

“The happier I am, the more music I can make. You are in no way a fan if you think I do not deserve happiness in my life. If you want to be a true fan try saying something positive to someone who keeps me from being totally alone.

“That would be a lot better than me trying to explain: ‘Not all my fans are assholes, I swear’.”

Bach and his ex-wife Maria had been together since their late teens. His new album is due out in the summer.

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