Singer Seb unleashes foul-mouthed rampage on audience member during US tour – and doesn’t miss a moment out of song

Sebastian Bach

Shouting out: Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach lashed out at a member of his audience during a concert on Saturday night – telling security staff: “Get him out of here or I’ll get him the fuck out of here.”

His band had reached the solo section of Skid Row track I Remember You when Bach began pointing towards someone in the crowd to the left of the stage.

Video shows him pointing towards the unidentified person and shouting: “Come here. Come here. Come here, motherfucker. Get the fuck out of here.”

As the band play on and the rest of the audience cheer the singer, he tells security staff: “I want this guy to get the fuck right out of here. Goodbye. Get him out. Get him out of here or I’ll get him the fuck out of here. Bye-bye.”

Without missing a beat Bach gets back into the song at the end of the instrumental, while security staff deal with the unknown issue.

Bach recently spoke of his anger at UK promoters who refuse to book his band because they’re hoping he’ll reunite with Skid Row – something he and his former act have both said will never happen.

The singer explained: “Playing only 20-year-old songs doesn’t interest me. I don’t want to be a nostalgia act. That doesn’t interest me at all.”

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