Scenes that saw Seb arrested in hometown consigned to history – but court didn’t tell his accuser it was over

Sebastian Bach

Thrown out: Sebastian Bach

Assault and mischief charges against Sebastian Bach have been dropped – but Canadian legal officials didn’t tell the singer’s accuser.

Bach was arrested in his hometown of Peterborough, Ontario, in November last year after an altercation in a local pub. Video footage showed him appear to break a wine glass after being asked to leave the premises.

Jim Kakouros, owner of Riley’s Pub in the city, said the singer had become violent and bitten a member of staff’s hand before police arrived.

The former Skid Row man was in town to deal with the estate of his recently-deceased father, and was also going through a divorce. At the time he told fans he was going through a difficult time and thanked them for their support.

Now all charges have been abandoned after prosecutors accepted it was unlikely Bach would be found guilty due to lack of evidence. His lawyer, Jim Hauraney, says the musician will donate $700 to a city charity by way of apology.

But no one told Kakouros there would be no further action – he found out by reading the local newspaper’s website. He says: “I was more surprised that’s how the process worked.”

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