Singer Seb says made-up stories about sexual encounters have led to the collapse of his 18-year marriage to childhood sweetheart

Sebastian and Maria Bach

Split: Sebastian and Maria

Sebastian Bach says his marriage to childhood sweetheart Maria has collapsed because of lies written about him in books and online.

The former Skid Row singer announced plans to divorce in January after the couple split in April 2010. He said: “We’ve tried to work things out for the sake of our family, but it’s become apparent our differences are irreconcilable.”

Now he says the relationship crumbled after Maria began reading  stories about his sexual encounters from the past – which he insists are untrue.

Bach tells US radio station 94WYSP: “Two things happened to me in my life: rock’n'roll and the internet.

“You go on the road in 1987 and 1988 and there’s no cellphones, no internet – it’s like being back in the 60s. Now people go on the Internet and describe all the stuff, pages and page of craziness that happened back in 87 and 88. Some of it’s true but some of it’s not true.”

Bach singles out a particular publication for contributing to the split by making up a story about backstage antics while he was touring with Guns n’Roses in 2006.

He says: “I’m looking at a book right here called the Last Living Slut, and my name is in, like, six of the chapters. It describes how some chicks were in my dressing room and when Axl came in I broke out my stash of double-headed dildos. It’s complete garbage.”

The truth, says Bach, is more pedestrian: “These skanks are in the room, and they’ve got no panties on, and they’re sitting there with their vajayjays just hanging out.

“We’re laughing, going, ‘Right, this is funny.’ I call in Axl, he starts laughing, and we both walk out of the room and that’s that. All that stuff about me is untrue. It never happened. And that’s just one of the many things.

“But my wife doesn’t like reading this stuff. This stuff breaks up marriages.”

Bach says he’s considered legal action but has been advised it would only make matters worse. “I’m holding my head in my hands and asking my lawyer about suing,” he explains. “But he tells me it’ll only make the book bigger. I’m sure doing this interview doesn’t help.”

The couple married in 1992 after getting together as teenagers. They have three children aged 21, 14 and 3.

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