GnR frontman explains the reason behind his bad timekeeping – while Bumblefoot slams trolls over rumours he’s quitting the band

Axl Rose

Past time: Axl Rose

Axl Rose told Wednesday 13 the reason behind his terrible timekeeping, the Murderdolls mainman has revealed.

Guns n’Roses singer Rose is renowned for hitting the stage late – in some cases as much as two hours after the band should have started.

Now 13 says his band discussed the issue backstage with Rose while the Murderdolls were opening for GnR on tour last year.

“Axl was like, ‘Man, I need to get into my zone,” 13 tells “I need to get into the vibe. So I’m late – but when I come out I’ll play for three hours.’

“It’s like he has to play for that long. I didn’t hear anyone on that tour complaining. He’s Axl Rose. He can be late. You’ve got to hand it to him.”

The Murderdolls’ experience of working with GnR was nothing like 13 expected. He explains: “I was terrified at first because you hear all the stories. There’s going to be a riot because Axl won’t show up… and we’re going up against a crowd that sold out before we were even announced.

“But when we got there the crew were awesome – they said we could use the whole stage, even Axl’s catwalk. Every night the band was on the side of the stage, except Axl, rocking out and singing along.”

The support act didn’t meet Rose until the third week of the tour, but when they did it was all good, 13 reports. “He comes in right before the show so we’d never seen him. One night he came off after a three-hour set. He came into our dressing room with sweat running down him and said, ‘Sorry I didn’t get to say hello before now – but come over to my room and we’ll party.’”

Meanwhile, GnR guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal has slammed internet trolls for creating rumours that he’s about to quit the band, and says there’s no truth in them whatsoever.

News outlets had suggested he was unhappy over fellow guitarist DJ Ashba allegedly being paid more than him, and he was frustrated at the limited amount of creative input he’s been allowed.

But Bumblefoot says: “Don’t buy into it. Don’t stand for it, and don’t believe a word of it. I have a life, you have a life, but there particular trolls don’t. They’re just trying to tear us down because they’re bitter.

“Don’t give these people any power, and don’t just do nothing. Find out who they are and hold them personally accountable for fucking with you and the band.”

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