Hours after ex-Anthrax Dan announces his new project is in action, former frontman Wade forces him to shut it down

Wade Black

Black attack: Singer Wade

Former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz’s new band DeuxMonkey has been shut down just hours after he said it was finally rolling into action.

The project had been on the backburner for a few years while Spitz attended to the early years of his twin sons, who were born with autism.

At the weekend the axeman said the band was ready to go to work – but almost immediately singer Wade Black stated he’d left months ago because the songs weren’t good enough, and that Spitz was lying over his involvement.

Black tells Bravewords: “I did a short stint with Dan for his DeuxMonkey project, thinking it might be the band that would be the answer to my quest for musicians who possessed the talent and shared vision to be a band like no other.

“I quickly realised it wasn’t. I felt the songs were not up to my standards, and decided they were not to be released with my vocals. He agreed.

“Now, almost a year later, he’s trying to release the songs with my vocals, and making misleading statements by saying I’m in the band. The reality is he’s lying to his fans and mine, stealing my voice, lyrics and likeness, and all to serve his own needs.

“I say it one more time so the world can hear: Dan, cease and desist from using any of my vocals, lyrics and likeness. Otherwise it will be regarded as what it is – stealing.

“Let’s keep this out of the legal system and settle the issue quickly so we can both move on.”


Face off: Spitz and Black on the Deuxmonkey page

Last night Black posted on Spitz’s DeuxMonkey Facebook page, saying: “Call me asap.” Spitz responded 21 hours later, saying: “New band name, new band, new, new, new. Shutting down this fan page. Thanks for support. Will see you soon with some exciting news.” Black’s post was later deleted.

It’s the second time in a week a former member of Anthrax has fallen foul of online statements. Singer Dan Nelson, who fronted the band between 2007 and 2009, and recorded the unreleased album Worship Music with them, released a series of angry statements including a suggestion the outfit had got rid of him in a “cash grab” over the Big 4 thrash shows. He later deleted his Facebook page and Twitter account.

Meanwhile, Black is now singing with Black Reign, and says: “I’ve searched the world for that band like no other, and I’ve found it in Black Reign.”

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