Furious Steven rages at Stitch over wasted time and money after frontman leaves without discussion and takes guitarist with him

Adler's Appetite

Fallout: Adler, centre, hasn't spoken to Stitch, second right

Steven Adler is furious that Adler’s Appetite singer Rich Stitch left the band without discussing it first. And the drummer says he’d have got rid of the frontman a long time ago if he’d known how things would pan out.

Stitch announced at the weekend he’d left Adler’s band with immediate effect, to concentrate on his own band Ladyjack. Guitarist Robo, also from Ladyjack, departed with the singer.

Now Adler – who’s left with remaining members Michael Thomas of Faster Pussycat and Chip Z’nuff of Enuff Z’nuff – says he regrets the time and money wasted on the defunct lineup.

The drummer tells Metal Sludge: “I haven’t talked to him yet – that’s the kind of person I’m dealing with. I found out he was quitting the band because someone saw it on Facebook.

“He’s an asshole for doing that to me, or us.

“We were planning on him being in the band, which is why we did recordings with him. So basically he wasted a lot of our time and a lot of our money. If we’d known he was going to do it this way, we’d have thrown him out a long time ago. We’d never have used him.”

Adler’s Appetite are now faced with finding a new singer and guitarist before their upcoming studio sessions in April and a tour in May. But the ex Guns n’Roses drummer says they’re up to the task.

“Even before he quit we were talking to other singers,” he says. “And we wanted to get more of a solid guitar player, because the one we had wasn’t as solid as we’d thought.

“The next person we work with is going to be a better singer, and a better all-round person than what we were dealing with.”

Guitarist Thomas adds: “Anybody who knows the history of this band knows we’ve had lineup changes, and it’s all been healthy steps forward. This is one more step in the process.

“There’s so much going on – so we’re excited about the opportunity of working with new cats who can come to the table and bring it.”

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