Drummer reveals battle against depression and self-doubt, saying playing live with his band is like “talking to a pretty girl”

Chris Adler

Lamb to slaughter: Adler fought depression

Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler has revealed how he thought about leaving the band because he didn’t think his live performance was up to scratch.

But he’s learned to deal with his bouts of depression and describes the struggle to get things right as “talking to a pretty girl.”

Adler says via the band’s street team Facebook page: “I’m a nervous wreck before each show and I’m typically distraught after each one.

“For a while I was so depressed about my performances I considered leaving the band. But there haven’t been any train wrecks, more like a massive amount of fender-benders. I know what I’m supposed to play but sometimes it just doesn’t come out right. Like when you’re nervous talking to a pretty girl – it’s the same deal.”

A guitarist as well as a drummer, Adler says the drum tracks which inspire him most these days are the ones created by axemen on computers. “I’ve always been such a guitar freak that I rarely listen to the drummer,” he explains. “But in a lot of newer music the drums at least start out programmed. It inspires me to push harder because the computers can do anything but they have no feel. I have the feel – now if I can only do anything…”

And despite being a member of a successful metal acts, he doesn’t allow things to take his feet off the ground.

Adler comments: “I changed two poppy diapers today before wet-vaccing my house. I can’t ignore we’re a big band but I also can’t ignore my day-to-day reality. I’m a dad, a husband, a neighbour, a brother, a friend and just a normal dude getting older and trying to lose a few off the middle.

“I don’t walk around town thinking I’ve mastered anything other than my shoe size.”

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