Guitarist in bid to stave off financial ruin after wife’s death as he struggles through “worst year of his life”

Loss: Bomb and wife Claire

Guitarist Adam Bomb has appealed to his fans to help him keep his family together as he struggles through the worst year of his life.

The former TKO axeman, currently touring with his solo band, lost his wife Claire to cancer last month, following the death of his father and that of a close friend.

Now legal wrangles have left him unable to access his bank accounts, and he faces having his 11-year-old daughter Blaise taken off him by Social Services.

Bomb, real name Adam Brenner, says: “I could use your help – I’m in deep shit.

“Overnight I became a single parent. The lawyers are freezing all accounts and forcing me to go under. I need to prove I can make a living to the lawyers who want to take everything.

“I don’t know if rock’n'roll can save me from this one. But I hope some of you really are friends enough to try to help pull me out of a dangerous situation for a few months until I can reorganise from this tragedy.

Just buy a CD. Do it for Blaise. A CD lasts for ever so you can sell it or trade it. It only costs twenty bucks and we pay the shipping. Not to mention you’re going to help your favourite band buy gas and get back on the road to play the bar next door.”

Following his wife’s death in July Bomb said: “Claire was everything to me and my girls. She made my life touring the world possible and still managed to handle so many places, friends and clients while raising two of the most beautiful children to ever grow up in New York City: Darian, 21, and Blaise.

“She performed miracles on a daily basis. I can’t believe how many times she saved me from drowning in a sea of trouble, when I was on the road, thousands of miles away. All it took was one phone call and Claire could save the day. She always made things alright.”

Commenting on the recent death of a friend the guitarist said: “Some people say that world will end in 2012. I think it’s ending in 2011 because so many people in my life died this year. This is the fucking saddest year of my life.

“If you read this, give your dad or your wife or your friend a hug and say ‘I love you’.”

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