Ex-drummer Wright recalls life on the road with Aussie giants – and the moment they acted over singer’s unwashed headgear

Headhunt: Wright, right, with AC/DC

Simon Wright says AC/DC singer Brian Johnson has a tendency not to wash his cap on tour – and it can lead to situations where the band’s dressing room stinks of stale headgear.

Wright spend recorded three albums with the Aussie giants in the 1980s and fondly remembers life on the road with them as well.

He tells BlastZoneOnline: “Brian is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. He can tell you 20 jokes in five minutes and it was great to be in a band with him.

“Unfortunately he wears a cap, or bonnet as they say in Scotland, and on one particular tour he took to not washing it for a while.

“We all began to notice this strange smell in the dressing room and narrowed it down to Brian’s cap. It wasn’t easy because he always wore it – but we managed to get it and have it sent out to be cleaned.

“In the meantime he’d managed to get hold of a new one, unaware of what we’d done. When the clean cap came back it got stuck in the dressing room case. A couple of days later he found it and said, ‘Whose cap is this?’

“We all looked away laughing. ‘It’s yours, Brian.’

“He said, ‘Can’t be. It doesn’t stink. Don’t worry – I’ll soon fix that.’”

Wright is now touring with Dio Disciples, a band made up of some of his colleagues from Ronnie James Dio’s band alongside frontmen Toby Jepson and Ripper Owens.

The drummer says: “We’re Ronnie’s band with two singers because we needed two singers to even get close to his range.

“It’s keeping his songs alive. It’s a celebration where we honour his incredible music. Ronnie was my best friend – I’m not trying to one-up anyone here. We all felt we had to keep going because we were family.”

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