Band celebrate new live movie as their best ever – and vow they won’t quit “while the beast needs fed”


More to come: Johnson and Young

AC/DC are planning a new album and world tour to rival their recent Black Ice trek – and frontman Brian Johnson says they won’t quit while people still want to see them.

The band were in London yesterday to attend the premiere of their new live movie, Live at River Plate, recorded near the end of their two-year tour. It’s officially the third-biggest grossing tour of all time – during 2010 one in every fifteen major concert tickets on the planet were sold by the Australian giants.

Guitarist Angus Young tells the Sun: “We’re already planning another one. We’re thinking, ‘How can we ever better the Black Ice world tour?’ We don’t know how yet – but we will.

“We’ll go out again once we get a new album out, which will hopefully be within the next couple of years.”

And Johnson tells Rolling Stone: “We’ll stop when the beast doesn’t need feeding any more – when it doesn’t feel amazing any more.”

The singer says watching the movie has inspired him all over again: “If anyone can walk out on a stage like that and tell you they aren’t excited by thousands of fans singing at you, they’re lying.

“It never gets old – those fans are as crazy as they’ve ever been. Even if you’re tired coming on, you get there and it all happens. My rule is that if you’re not sweating when you come off, there’s something wrong.

“I fucking love this film. It was like I’d never seen our show before. I’ve seen other films of us, but never one as good as this.”

Johnson had previously said the band would need time off before considering another tour. Their plans were recently threatened by drummer Phil Rudd’s conviction for possession of drugs, which would have made it impossible for him to enter a number of countries. The conviction was quashed at appeal, leaving Rudd free to join his bandmates on any upcoming travels.

The drummer didn’t attend the movie premiere with his colleagues because his New Zealand home was damaged in a recent storm.

Live at River Plate is released on DVD and Blu-ray next week.

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