Brian Johnson: “We’re pretty pooped. That sounds horrible to people who work hard, but believe me, this IS hard work”

Races on: Brian JohnsonAC/DC frontman Brian Johnson says that despite what some people may think, touring the world for two years is hard work – and that’s why the band aren’t making any plans for the future.

The Aussie giants are set to release a live DVD in the coming weeks, but asides from that Johnson’s looking forward to taking the rest of the year off and indulging his hobby of driving classic cars at race meetings.

The band’s status may endure turmoil after drummer Phil Rudd was found guilty of drug possession last year, because many of the places they play won’t allow people with such convictions to enter the country.

But in the meantime Johnson says he’s looking forward to the live release: “We shot it in Argentina at the end of the last tour in September. There were 300,000 people there and it was just wonderful. We had about twelve cameras there and a great sound crew, and we enjoyed it.

“After that we haven’t made any plans. We just want to have a rest. We’re pretty pooped: we were on the road for two years and we played in front of five million people. We deserve a rest, I think.

“I know that sounds horrible to people who work hard – but believe me, it is hard work.”

The singer hopes to take part in the Australian V8 motorsport category at some point this year, and is also planning to get behind the wheel of his latest labour of love, a rebuilt 1965 Lola.

He says: “I’m going to race this year as much as I can. I just want to get my hands on that car – it’s nearly finished.”

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