Herman Frank misses shows after suffering broken ribs in fall – as former frontman Dirkschneider denies badmouthing ex-bandmates’ songwriting skills


Fall: Frank, left, with Accept

Accept were forced to play as a four-piece in Texas over the weekend after guitarist Herman Frank suffered a punctured lung and broken ribs after a stage fall in San Antonio the previous night.

Video footage (below) shows Frank falling over during the song Bulletproof in an accident which doesn’t appear serious. He’s helped up and continues to perform. But doctors later found he’d done himself a more serious injury.

The German outfit, fronted by Mark Tornillo, are touring new album Blood of the Nations, which is being internationally acclaimed as a return to form and one of the strongest records they’ve ever made.

Meanwhile, former Accept frontman Udo Dirkschneider has congratulated his ex-bandmates on their latest work, and denies ever having doubted their songwriting abilities.

He left the band in 1987 to form UDO, and although he’s returned on occasion both parties say it won’t happen again.

Dirkschneider tells Rockpages: “Blood of the Nations is a good album and the singer’s doing a pretty decent job. I was expecting they would make a remarkable record and I’m glad their tour is successful.

“But let me say something on the record: I read somewhere that guitarist Wolf Hoffmann says I tell journalists Accept cannot write good music any more. That’s absolute bullshit – I never said that. It’s like kindergarten, but I wish them luck.”

UDO recently released their own new album, Rev-Raptor, which Dirkschneider says was intended to be the natural successor to their recent records Mastercutor and Dominator.

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