Ellefson on Big 4 gathering, Bret Michaels lawsuit, Rose on Brian May’s GnR solo, Alice Cooper, Rory Gallagher and more

David Ellefson

Gracious: David Ellefson

Megadeth bassist David Ellefson says Metallica could easily have acted like headliners during the celebrated Big 4 shows, but they didn’t.

He explains: “I had the feeling it was going to be fine and It was a perfect outcome. Metallica were holding themselves like one of the bands on the bill, not the band in charge. I really commend them on being very gracious hosts.”

Ellefson adds that members of Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax were slightly concerned when the bands met for dinner before announcing the shows because all the bassists gathered together in a corner.

“It was very relaxed and it was good to get re-acquainted before the events started. There was a funny moment when everyone was busting up because me, Robert Trujillo, Tom Araya and Frank Bello were collected at a table together. But we were talking about practically anything bus basses.

“It’s funny – bassists might be unique in that we tend to be very friendly towards each other, regardless of status or even musical genre.” Rockpages.gr

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Poison singer Bret Michaels has filed a lawsuit against organisers of the Tony Awards over the 2009 accident in which he was struck by a descending stage prop as he performed.

Michaels says the injuries he sustained contributed to his 2010 collapse with a brain haemorrhage, and is seeking damages because he wasn’t told how to safely leave the set.

In May last year the singer’s neurologist Dr Joseph Zabramski stated the stage accident could not have caused the haemorrhage, saying: “A hit on the head can cause them, but it causes them immediately.”

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Axl Rose says the Brian May solo recorded for Guns n’Roses album Chinese Democracy didn’t appear on the album because the Queen guitarist didn’t like the finished version of Catcher ‘n the Rye.

Rose explains: “Brian’s solo is a personal favourite of mine and I really couldn’t understand why he didn’t appreciate it at the time.

“The feel and emotion had a lot to do with co-producer Sean Beavan and I choosing parts out of Brian’s different runs, versions and practice runs to make sure we had all the elements in one.

“Unfortunately he was none too pleased with our handiwork at the time. I remember looking at him standing to my left, a bit aghast as he stared at the studio speakers, saying, ‘But that’s not what I played.’

“We weren’t trying to mess with Brian – we just did what we do. He seems to have warmed to it a bit, at least publicly. Uncut

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MySpace lost 10 million users between January and February this year, analysts have reported, with a year-on-year loss of 50 million. Despite a much-heralded makeover the early social networking site now has 63 million users, down from 110 million in February 2010 and a peak of 200 million.

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Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth and Steven Wilson of Porcupine Tree have completed writing material for their long-awaited Storm Corrosion album. Wilson says: “There’s still a lot of recording work to do, but it should definitely be out in early 2012.”|

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Alice Cooper says that of all the ways he kills his character on stage, his least favourite is the electric chair.

The Hall of Fame shock-rocker says: “When you’re going to kill Alice, you can’t kill him slow – you have do something that’ll make the audience go, ‘Ahh.’ The guillotine gets that reaction and the hanging gets that reaction.

“But the chair doesn’t. It’s just too slow a death. You have to see something like the head actually rolling off, then you go, ‘They actually killed him!’” Noisecreep

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Mercury Records have stopped releasing physical singles. The UK home of band including Metallica and U2 will no longer produce CDs or vinyl, and will concentrate purely on downloads.

A spokesperson says: “We lost money on physical singles in 2010. With physical formats now accounting for just one percent of the overall singles market, we’re being more cautious.”

Mercury say they’ll only consider a physical single release if “it’s guaranteed to make a profit.”

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An unreleased Rory Gallagher album will appear on the double-CD set Notes from San Francisco on May 17.

The twelve songs on disc one were recorded in 1977 with bassist Gerry McAvoy, drummer Rod de’Ath, keyboardist Martin Fiero, violinist Joe O’Donnell and saxophonist Martin Fiero. Gallagher decided not to release the finished album because he wasn’t happy with the mixes.

Disc two features a three-piece live set from San Francisco in 1979 featuring Gallagher, McAvoy and drummer Ted McKenna.

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