Tony Martin considers ending music career, Soundgarden reactive abandoned tracks, Lemmy misses original Motorhead plus Anthrax, AC/DC, Australian Pink Floyd

Tony Martin

Considering the situation: Tony Martin

Former Black Sabbath singer Tony Martin is considering his future in the music industry. He says: “It might be that I have to stop completely. That’s very sad – but it’s just not possible to make a living out of music at the moment. Having been in Sabbath is a good place to start, you’d think, but it’s getting harder and harder to survive.”

Martin fronted the band for ten years in the late 80s until the late 90s. He says he has no plans to return because he’d be expected to play songs from the Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie James Dio eras, and his own music would be “put to one side.”

But his solo options are extremely limited, he reflects: “Every time we go on the road we lose money. They expect us to play for less and less, or for free. I want to be out on the road, but if you have to sell your house or your car, get a day-job as an electrician, that’s no fun and it’s also damaging to your family and your life. I’d like to get into theatre or stage management, maybe – I’ll find out what’s going to happen to me in the future then I’ll let everybody know.” Critical Mass

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Soundgarden drummer Matt Cameron has revealed the band will be revisiting abandoned music from their first incarnation on their new album.

He says: “The material is 90 percent new but we’ve also tried to update some super-old stuff. It doesn’t sound too old and dusty to my ears, but maybe to someone else it will. There’s been a little bit of evolution but we’re not straying too far from the formula. It has all our signature elements and more.”

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Lemmy has no plans to ever reunite with the original Motorhead lineup – but he still misses drummer Philthy ‘Animal’ Taylor. And he says the reason Fast Eddie Clarke left the band was that he and Taylor stopped trying to talk him out of quitting.

The rock icon explains: “Phil was my best mate and we still talk now and then. fast Eddie Clarke was kind of a friend, except he was always complaining about something. It got tedious – he kept leaving and one of us would go off and bring him back.

“We were recording with Wendy O Williams and she wasn’t immediately perfect on it. She just needed to go through it a few times, but he left the band over it. I think he was expecting to be talked back in.

“Phil came in the room and said, ‘Eddie’s left again’. I said, ‘Whose turn is it to talk to him? Fuck it, I’m not doing it.’ He shouldn’t have done that. We had a lot going for us back then.”

Lemmy has no plans to stop touring with the current Motorhead lineup, and he’s scornful of outfits who announce farewell treks then keep going. He says: “We’re not ready to do it and I don’t know if we ever will, because it’s never felt like we should say ‘farewell.’

“It’s pathetic for bands to be announcing a third and fourth farewell tour.” Guitar International

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Sacked Anthrax singer Dan Nelson has revealed details of his two new bands, and says he has no plans to try to be a rock star.

Blackgates includes ex-Slayer and Testament drummer Paul Bostaph and former Whitesnake bassist Uriah Duffy plus guitarist Jeremy Epp. Nelson says: “It’s thrashy and heavy so it will appeal to Anthrax fans, but it has the groove and brutality of Pantera, and it’s also very melodic. People are going to love Jeremy.”

Nelson has also launched Farewell to Washington with Dan ‘Shaggy’ Hoffman on bass and Joe Post on drums, of which he says: “People shouldn’t expect anything from us – we don’t expect anything from ourselves.”

Looking at his career the singer comments: “As a kid I never cared about being a rock star and I still don’t. I love writing songs, singing and playing my guitar – and now that’s exactly what I do, whenever and wherever I please.”

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AC/DC have revealed more details of their upcoming live DVD. It’s tentatively titled Live at River Plate. It will include 19 tracks from their shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina, last December, in front of 200,000 fans. There are two bonus features: a tour animation and a backstage documentary called The Fan, The Roadie, The Guitar Tech and The Meat. The DVD is due out on May 10.

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The Australian Pink Floyd‘s upcoming UK tour features 3D visuals as part of the show, and the man behind them says it’s a taste of what all big bands will be doing in the future. John Attard, who worked on the Harry Potter movies, explains: “It’s a very exciting, developing area. Once people see what the Australian Pink Floyd are doing more and more bands will want to take it up. Live performances are about to change.” Classic Rock

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