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By Andrew McDonald

Bring Me the Horizon

Battle stations: BMTH

Bring Me The Horizon cut a performance short after fighting erupted throughout a gig in Utah recently.

The Sheffield metalcore act were forced to leave the stage when audience members attacked the band.

YouTube user hencethemagic0, who uploaded footage of the incident, said: “This whole show was one brawl after another, but this took it too far. For about fifteen minutes, the entire crowd were fighting each other.”

Bring Me The Horizon in on-stage brawl

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Machine Head’s Robb Flynn believes his band’s range of influences is what has kept them relevant – as he slams music awards for not having a metal category.

The frontman says: “We were coming from thrash, hardcore, punk rock and rap. We grew up on classic rock and metal as well. Those are the things we drew from more, whereas other bands drew from mainly hip-hop or something, which I think limited them and didn’t allow them to have as much scope as us.

“First and foremost, we wanted to be seen as good musicians. To a large degree, metal is viewed down on in this kind of ‘Oh yeah, they’re doing that kind of stuff’ attitude. If you look at all the large award ceremonies, they don’t even view metal as a relevant category. There are ten R&B categories for people who don’t even write their own music, but the guys who are out truly mastering their craft, working hard and living on the road aren’t counted. It makes us pissed.”

* * * * *

Michael Monroe has called Motorhead frontman Lemmy ‘holy’ after having him feature on latest solo album.

Monroe says: “We had been doing a song called Motorheaded For A Fall live and, when it came time to do the album, I asked Lemmy if he wanted to sing on it and rework the lyrics if he wanted. I liked the original but I thought the chorus needed some work. It was great that we were able to get him on the record. Lemmy is holy, so to speak – he’s sacred.”

* * * * *

Sebastian Bach has likened himself to Ozzy Osbourne and his new guitarist Nick Sterling to Randy Rhoads, seeing himself as a patron of young talent.

The 21-year-old musician joined Bach’s band in 2009 and made his first studio appearance on this year’s Kicking & Screaming album, the ex-Skid Row frontman’s first since 2007.

Bach says: “I think that is the exact model me and Nick fit. He’s my young Randy and I’m the old, drunk, crazy wild man. Randy Rhoads was the angelic, gifted guitar hero – that’s Nick for sure. He’s amazing. His playing on this record is going to make him a big star.”
* * * * *

Kiss bassist Gene Simmons has married girlfriend of 28 years Shannon Tweed.

The couple tied the knot in Los Angeles, followed by a reception at the Beverley Hills Hotel, during which their children Sophie and Nick, as well as Kiss, performed to over 300 guests.

The bassist says: “I look at my wedding and think, what was I afraid of all this time?”

* * * * *

Tracii Guns has announced Dilana Robichaux as the new singer for his version of LA Guns.

Robichaux was a contestant on reality TV show Rock Star Supernova, in which singers competed to become the vocalist in a band featuring Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke and ex Metallica bassist Jason Newsted.

Phil Lewis, frontman of the other version of LA Guns, calls the move “career suicide”. He says: “What bothers me is the damage he’s doing to his credibility and the damage he’s doing to the name LA Guns.

“My advice to Tracii is to try and find another band, but his answer would probably be that his heart ain’t in it, which is a shame because, if he continues like this, his heart will get broken.”

* * * * *

Slaves To Gravity have announced that they will disband at the end of the month.

The band, who formed in 2006, will play their last show at the Relentless Freeze Festival in London on October 28th, claiming “an innumerable amount of setbacks” to be their reason for splitting up.

The band say: “We’ve had an amazing ride but the time has undoubtedly come to move onto pastures new. We remain fiercely proud of the music we made. Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years. You’ve made it a magical experience that we will never forget.”

* * * * *

Former Nevermore guitarist Jeff Loomis doesn’t see himself ever re-joining the band – and he’s ambivalent about whether they continue without him.

He and drummer Van Williams left the Seattle metallers in April this year, citing “internal struggles and ongoing issues.” Asked if he would ever consider a reunion, Loomis says: “I think it’s best, at this point, for me to move on. I think I did as much as I could musically in Nevermore.

“As far as them keeping the band going, that is entirely up to them. I think there will surely be that missing link as far as the tone and sound of the band goes. I always hated seeing bands without the original members, simply because you can’t identify with certain elements when they are gone.

“If they do continue, I hope they get good musicians to do it. It takes time and energy – you can’t just hop up on stage and play a Nevermore tune.”

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