Jaz Coleman disses thrash; Reznor disses ex-label; 5FDP, Cornell, Incubus, 311, Floyd, Screaming Trees, Lemmy, former X Japan bassist dead

Jaz Coleman

Haties: Jaz Coleman

Killing Joke frontman Jaz Coleman says he has no time for Metallica, even though he’s grateful they recorded a version of his band’s The Wait on their 1987 Garage Days Revisited EP. The singer explains: “I’m an old punk. I don’t like guitar solos and I like more groove in my rhythms. I know Metallica as people and they very kindly recorded one of our songs, which certainly helped the bank balance. But I don’t like them at all.”

Trent Reznor has called on fans to avoid buying a re-release of Nine Inch Nails‘ debut album Pretty Hate Machine. He says: “Don’t waste your money – it’s a record label bullshit move, repackaging the old version. Ignore please.”

Five Finger Death Punch will release their third album later this year and they’ve revealed it will be called American Capitalist. Lead single Under and Over It will be available on July 27. It’s their first album with new bassist Chris Kael following the sacking of Matt Snell in December.

Chris Cornell says it’s a sad reflection on modern media that Jimi Hendrix would find it difficult to find airplay is his album Smash Hits was released today. The Soundgarden frontman comments: “It wouldn’t be played, and that’s weird to me. It’s odd that an album that came out in 1967 would be too strange for radio play in 2011. Things need to be shaken up: there’s the internet but mostly what I see there is little kids on YouTube playing music. It needs to go beyond that for a real shake-up to happen.”

Incubus have reacted to the negative social media campaign launched against them ahead of their concert in the Philippines at the end of the month. A circulated text message calls to “pray this group doesn’t even step foot on Philippine soil so they don’t impart their spirits into our youth.” But guitarist Mike Einziger says: “I think it’s part of a larger problem that affects us on a global scale, which is that religious extremism runs rampant. If they actually took a second to listen to our music or speak to us, they’d see we’re promoters of peace and we’re huge environmental activists, and advocates of social justice.”

311 singer Nick Hexum wonders how good the Rolling Stones might have been if they hadn’t succumbed to the classic drug-addled lifestyle of the rock’n'roll band. Hexum says: “I’ve been reading Keith Richards’ autobiography. He’s survived so much – but I don’t think all that heroin and coke helps the music. How much greater could he have been without that? There are different schools of thought for that, but I know having a clear head allows me to be the best I can be.”

Pink Floyd mainman David Gilmour’s son Charlie has been jailed for 16 months following his part in student protests in London which saw him accused of throwing the dustbin which struck a car carrying Prince Charles and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall. During the violence he was recorded shouting: “We’ll eat fire and ice and destruction because we’re angry. They broke the moral law – we’re going to break all the laws.” He later climbed on the Cenotaph, London’s main war memorial. Judge Nicholas Price imposed the custodial sentence, saying he was satisfied Gilmour had thrown the bin and he refused to accept the 21-year-old’s claim he didn’t know the importance of the Cenotaph. Gilmour, who had consumed alcohol, LSD and valium before the events of December last year, was supported by his parents at Kingston Crown Court.

An unreleased Screaming Trees album will see the light of day on August 2. Last Words: The Final Recordings was finished just before Mark Lanegan’s band was dropped by their record label in 2000. Drummer Barrett Martin, who funded the sessions, recently discovered the tapes and had them restored.

Lemmy says his side-project band HeadCat will tour next year – if he can find time between his Motorhead commitments. He reports: “As I’m getting older it’s a lot easier to play with HeadCat. I don’t have to hit it quite as hard, and some of the songs are downright singing. But I love Motorhead too – it’s my baby.” He’s also aiming to complete the solo album he started a decade ago.

Former X Japan bassist Taiji Sawada has died following a suicide attempt last week. He was arrested on July 11 for an incident on a flight form Japan to Saipan and could have been taken to the US to answer charges there. He tried to hang himself on July 14 and had been in intensive care since the incident. He was 45.

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