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Master of Puppets

25 years on: Master of Puppets

Producer Flemming Rasmussen, who worked on three of Metallica‘s early albums, says the entire team realised Master of Puppets was going to be special. Marking the 25th anniversary of the landmark release, Rasmussen comments: “Right from the demos we knew it was going to be a killer album. We had a bunch of really strong songs and even the instrumentals were awesome. Master is a perfection of the sound we started to evolve on Ride the Lightning – and in my opinion we really did master it.

Duff McKagan says he’s happy with the way boys at his daughters’ school regard him. The bassist explains: “From what I know of them thus far, they’re pretty damn scared of me. I hope to keep it that way. But if I start shutting my daughters down on who they date or whatever it’ll just cause them to go in other directions. For now I just cross my fingers and plug my ears.”

Ratt singer Stephen Pearcy says the acrimony-ridden band won’t be reactivated in the near future. He tweets: “Ratt with me involved will not be active in 2011, maybe longer. No new record, tour, or life with me until things are back on track. This should have been a victory lap, but not for some. For me it’s strictly business.”

Rob Zombie has shouted down reports that he’s directing the movie version of Motley Crue’s book The Dirt. He says: “I’m not doing it. I don’t know where that rumour came from.”

Meanwhile, Zombie’s guitarist John 5 has admitted he’s a fan of sickly-sweet Bryan Adams track (Everything I Do) I Do it For You. He explains: “What a solo – it’s so melodic. Then there’s Jeff Beck’s solo in People Get Ready. That would just kill you.”

Steven Tyler and Agnostic Front have each released iPhone and iPad apps.

Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich admits he’s been converted from analogue to digital recording systems. He says: “I’ve always been a tape guy. I have a 24-track machine that sounds amazing but the limitations started to get to me. I used to sit there and and clean the tape heads three times a day. I’ve done my last three or four projects using ProTools – analogue has still got a great sound, but digital’s getting better and better every day. If you have a got ProTools rig and a fast computer it works really well.”

Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson has sent a message of support to the victims of the New Zealand earthquake. He says: “We were terribly shocked by the events in Christchurch – we’d just got into Melbourne when we heard the awful news. All of the band and crew’s thoughts go out to the people of New Zealand. We pray you all stay safe.”

Deep Purple bassist Roger Glover will release a new solo album, If Life Was Easy, in June. It was recorded in 2007 and features Ronnie Bramblett on vocals plus two appearances from Glover’s daughter Gillian.

Jon Oliva will not be part of Trans-Siberian Orchestra‘s upcoming European tour. He reports: “A member of my immediate family is currently in hospital with a very serious issue and I need to be with them. Thanks in advance for your understanding.” The band will announce a stand-in shortly.

Blues icon BB King will appear at this year’s Glastonbury festival. He says he keeps playing at the age of 85 for a very good reason: “If I stop I don’t get paid.”

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