Scott Weiland spent $90k per month; Billy Gould still in FNM; plus latest from Whitesnake, Dimebag, Beatles, Beach Boys, Ozzy

Scott Weiland

Big bill: Scott Weiland

Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland admits he’s not as well off as his success might have allowed him to be – but it’s not because he spent all his money on drugs.

Leaving aside his expensive divorces the singer says: “It’s not the drugs that cost the money – it’s the rehabs. At the time when the economy was really ruined it got up to $90,000 a month.”

Weiland, who last week admitted he joined Velvet Revolver for the money, once spent five months in an institution trying to kick heroin.

* * * * *

Bassist Billy Gould is working on a number of musical projects and also running his record label – but he still calls himself a member of Faith No More.

The band wound up an 18-month reunion tour in December and although they haven’t announced any further plans, Gould doesn’t think it’s over.

He says: “I guess I’m kinda in Faith No More now, because Faith No More kinda exists in a weird way.”

* * * * *

Whitesnake mainman David Coverdale says his passion for Jimi Hendrix got him into violent scrapes when he was young. “Hendrix was huge for me,” recalls the singer. “But no one else liked him in my area – I remember having to fight people to play Are You Experienced?

“I saw him live in Newcastle when I was only 15 years old. I bought a poster and it almost got the shit kicked out of me; I was so taken by the show I was shitting the guy in front of me with the rolled-up poster.

“He turned round and gave me ‘the stare’ – but luckily for me, he spared my life.” [Noisecreep]

* * * * *

Vinnie Paul says he’d like people to remember his brother Dimebag Darrell Abbott for his kindness to fans.

The ex-Pantera guitarist was shot dead on stage in 2004, but drummer Paul isn’t sure whether people know how far he went to please his followers.

“The bottom line with him was that he wanted to put a smile on people’s faces,” says Paul. “It didn’t matter whether it was handing out a guitar pick, doing a photo, taking a minute to talk – making people smile made him tick.

“He always gave everything he had, every day, and it didn’t matter how hung over or tired he was. If there was someone beating on the door of the bus, he’d shake hands, sign an autograph, bullshit with them for a minute – and make their day.”

* * * * *

A sheet of paper containing on which John Lennon wrote the lyrics for Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds has sold at auction for $237,132 (£145,650).

The page, written in 1967, includes the third verse of the controversial song, rumoured to be an indirect tribute to LSD. There’s also a pen sketch and the opening line to She’s Leaving Home.

Last year Lennon’s lyrics for A Day in the Life sold for $1.2m.

* * * * *

Brian Wilson has said he’s thinking about retiring in the next year – but there’s still time for a Beach Boys reunion.

The veteran singer could find time to appear with his former bandmates to mark their 50th anniversary this year. He says: “I’m considering it. I don’t know yet. Nothing’s holding me back but I just don’t know if I want to be around those guys. They’re zany guys – they’re crazy.”

* * * * *

Ozzy Osbourne says the worst moments of his life was when he was trying to defeat his drink problems in the early 1980s.

The singer recalls: “Alcoholism is ruthless – I could not stop. Sharon would have parties and I’d have to be the only one not invited. I was a miserable arsehole.

“If a cat’s got nine lives I’ve used all of those, and I’ve used a lot of other people’s lives too.”

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