Sambora rejoining Jovi; Bumblefoot health alert; Kinks, Queensryche, Stone Sour, Jane’s Addiction, Primus, Chilis, Trivium; why fisherman hate Steven Tyler

Richie Sambora

All better now: Richie Sambora

Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has completed his stint in rehab and will rejoin the band for the European leg of their current world tour. Sambora headed for help just two days before Bon Jovi began their run of shows at the end of April and was replaced by former Triumph and session axeman Phil X. But he’ll take his place on stage when the band appear in Croatia tomorrow night. He says: “I’m really excellent – I’m heading out to Europe now.”

Guns n’Roses guitarist Bumblefoot is to undergo an MRI scan on his neck and head following the four-car pile-up he walked away from last week. He says: “I’m having a hard time – my brain is rattled and I have a mild concussion.”

U2 frontman Bono thanked a Canadian fan for picking him up while he and a friend were hitchhiking last week. The pair had gone for a walk in West Vancouver but when the weather turned bad decided to thumb a lift. Professional ice hockey player Gilbert Brule picked them up, and by way of thanks Bono gave Brule and his girlfriend backstage passes for the U2 show in Edmonton – and namechecked them from the stage. The singer told the crowd: “This guy and his girlfriend picked me up. He was cool, an ice hockey player. I’m so grateful I’ve decided I want to be Gilbert Brule.”

The Kinks‘ Ray Davies says plans are in progress to make a movie based on the band’s 1975 concept album Schoolboys in Disgrace. Comedy actor and director Bobcat Goldthwait is in charge of the project and White Stripes mainman Jack White is set to write the music. Davies reports: “Bobcat’s got a really good vision of what he wants. He’s written a great script and we’ve got the money to do it later this year or next year. Jack’s a great technical player and would bring some great anarchy to it, which is in keeping with the script.”

Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello heaped praise on Jane’s Addiction as he inducted the band into the Guitar Center RockWalk in Hollywood. He said: “Nirvana often gets credit for being the first alternative band to break through – but that’s just not true, It was Jane’s Addiction: inspiring, intelligent, furiously rocking and artistically deep.” Jane’s frontman Perry Farrell reacted: “That speech made me sound so damn good I don’t need to look in the mirror ever again – I’ll just play that over and over every morning.”

Corey Taylor says Stone Sour are getting ready to make their fourth album. “I’ve already got 16 songs written,” he comments. “This will be the first time we get to do back-to-back albums.”

Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield admits fans may have found it difficult to follow their logic in last year’s Cabaret tour – but the band certainly enjoyed it. He says: “You probably loved it hated it, but it was another experiment. Geoff Tate loves to act; he likes having a purpose on stage rather than just doing a light show and a rock set. And it was an opportunity for our families to get involved. Our wives were onstage with us as part of the troupe, so it gave us excuses and covered the expenses of having them travel with us. That was nice for my wife and I – plus I could stare at her every night not wearing any clothes.”

Primus will release their first album in 12 years in September. Green Naugahyde sees the return of drummer Jay Lane, who was in an early lineup of the band. Mainman Les Claypool says: “It seems like this is reminiscent of the early stuff. With Jay there’s a newness to it – his approach has an eerie harkening to the old Frizzle Fry days.”

The Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ next album will be called I’m With You, bassist Flea has revealed, and it’s set for release on August 30. The news puts to an end inaccurate rumours the record would be called Dr Johnny Skinz’s Disproportionately Rambunctious Polar Express Machine Head – a working title the band used as a joke.

Trivium‘s upcoming album will be called In Waves and it’s named after the lead track which the band leaked last week. It’s due out on August 9.

Fly fishing fans are no fans of Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, it seems. Since the American Idol judge appeared on the gameshow wearing rooster feathers in his hair, fashion outlets have been scrambling to get their hands on the items. But the hard-to-find feathers are those used by fly fishermen, and tackle suppliers are running out of stock. Whiting Farms, one of the biggest producers of the specialist feathers, say they can’t currently keep up with demand.

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