One click, 10 stories: Taylor scared of Slipknot shows, Townsend’s Who regret plus Foos, Megadeth, Black Country Communion and more

Paul Gray

Tragic: Paul Gray

Corey Taylor has spoken more frankly than ever about being “scared to death” about playing a Slipknot tour without tragic bassist Paul Gray, who died last year. The frontman says: “Every day something reminds me of him and I still can’t fucking handle it. That tour is going to be a test. It’s going to be very hard.”

Pete Townsend claims he wishes he’d never joined The Who. In a light-hearted introduction for one-off magazine The Who: Ultimate Music Guide, he says: “What would I have done differently? I’d never have joined a band. I would have made a much more effective solo performer and producer working the way Brian Eno has worked. And I’d be less physically damaged today – my ears, right wrist and shoulder would all work more efficiently.”

Dave Grohl is embarrassed about Motorhead‘s position as support act when they tour with the Foo Fighters later this year. The former Nirvana drummer says: “They’re fun to be around, they’re legends, and it’s just an honour to have them come out. Unfortunately we have to go on after them.”

Black Country Communion have revealed the tracklisting for second album 2: The Outsider, Man in the Middle, I Can See Your Spirit, The Battle for Hadrian’s Wall, Save Me, Cold, Smokestack Woman, Faithless, An Ordinary Son, Little Secret, Crossfire, Crawl.

Megadeth are working on a new album, bassist David Ellefson confirms. He explains: “It’s a bit early to encapsulate what it will sound like, but it will be heavy, hooky and have all the trademarks you’d expect from us. The scheduling is second to making a great record – it will be done when it’s done.”

John 5 says he’s never had an argument with Rob Zombie in the six years they’ve worked together: “In other bands you have a disagreement every couple of weeks, but this is amazing. I just love being here. It’s a band, but Rob’s the boss, but every situation needs a leader.”

Igor Cavalera doesn’t feel the need for a reunion with Sepultura – because he believes everything that’s needed exists wherever he and brother Max are in the same band. “Me and Max playing together is the reunion,” he says. “I don’t see why there needs to be other people in it, out of all the other people who passed through. I’m more than happy to have what I have right now.”

Zakk Wylde says he’s fortunate to have reached a position where it’s not a problem to find a replacement member for Black Label Society, as he had to do when drummer Will Hunt was called back to duty with his main band Evanescence. Wylde explains: “I know so many great musicians, and I can just call up and ask what you’re doing. You’ll be like, ‘Well, just hanging out at the house,’ I’ll go, ‘Do you want to come out on the road for a month or two?’ You’ll go, ‘Yeah, yeah, just give me a solo on one of the songs.’ It was that easy with John Kelly – Will knows John and John knows Will, so it’s one gigantic fraternity.”

Nevermore bassist Jim Sheppard is recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumour and is on course to make a full recovery, says singer Warrel Dane. “Jim came out with flying colours,” he reports. “He’s going to be back in the band soon. He just needs time to recover and relax.”

Lou Reed‘s manager Tommy Sariq has been arrested on a charge of aggravated harassment after he allegedly threatened to kill a business contact. Adrian Smith had been employed as a consultant to hire a new personal assistant for Reed, and billed Sariq $11,000 for the job. But the manager is said to have retaliated with threats of violence. He’ll appear in a Manhattan court soon.

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