Meat Loaf collapses midshow; Durst charity drive; Kyuss’ Oliveri replaced; Coheed’s Todd freed; Lynch Mob singer quits; Chuck Berry honoured

Hang cool: Meat Loaf

Meat Loaf shocked fans by collapsing on stage in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Thursday night – but he recovered and continued his concert.

The singer fell to the ground without warning mid-song and road crew rushed to his aid while his band were told to leave the stage

But after a few minutes he was back in action. He told the crowd: “I fucking fainted. I have asthma – I can’t breathe.”

It had been thought he’d suffered a heart attack. He has an affliction knowns as Wolff Parkinson White syndrome which affects the working of his heart. Only one in 1000 people have the problem, and sudden death as a result is extremely rare.

* * * * *

Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst has asked fans to help a UK family raise £45,000 to help their son, who suffers from cerebral palsy, lead as near a normal life as possible.

Young Seb’s mum Amy explains: “Seb was born 14 weeks too soon. He’s now three and can’t sit, stand or walk unaided. Everyone who meets him agrees he’s an absolute pleasure to be around. He brightens up the day with his gorgeous eyes and incessant chit-chat. But I would say that!

“SDR is a procedure which would allow Seb to lead as normal a life as possible and maybe even help him walk.”

Linking to the fundraising website Durst tweets: “Would you be kind enough to retweet this and suggest people follow @SDR4Seb – we need help to get a little boy to walk on his own.”

* * * * *

Former Kyuss bassist Scott Reeder will stand in for Nick Oliveri on four Kyuss Lives European dates, following the latter’s arrest after a four-hour stand-off with SWAT specialists at his LA home.

Reeder, who also became Oliveri’s replacement in the original band in 1992, says: “I got the call yesterday. I’ve got two hours of music to brush up on plus laundry and bass surgery. It’s going to be fun.”

He’ll appear with Kyuss Lives, which doesn’t feature original mainman Josh Homme, on Belgium and Germany this week.

* * * * *

Coheed & Cambria bassist Mic Todd was released from prison on bail last week, where he was being held under suspicion of holding up a pharmacy by telling staff he had a bomb.

Todd posted a $25,000 guarantee, although it’s not clear where the money came from.

* * * * *

Lynch Mob singer Oni Logan quit the band two hours before they were to leave on tour, says guitarist George Lynch.

They’ve recruited Chaz West of Bonham to stand in, saying they won’t allow Logan’s decision to affect any of their US dates.

The band say: “Oni let the band and our fans down. He quit at 5.30am before our 7.30am flight. He left us high and dry and did not fulfil his commitment. We are saddened and disappointed – but as a band we are committed to honouring our obligations.”

* * * * *

A statue of Chuck Berry was unveiled in his home town of St Louis, Missouri, at the weekend.

But the rock’n'roll icon says he isn’t worthy of the eight-foot memorial. He told hundreds of fans who’d gathered for the event: “I’m not going to speak for very long – I don’t know how to speak. I can sing a little bit. Thank you and I love you all. I appreciate it to the highest; that sort of honour is seldom given out. But I don’t deserve it.”

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