Global news-in-brief roundup: Lemmy on sex, Dio tribute names, Reznor wins Oscar plus latest snippets from Manowar, Stryper and Dokken

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross

Winners: Reznor and Ross

Lemmy maintains it’s important not to talk about your sex life in too much detail. The Motorhead man says: “I’m in love with all the women I’ve ever been with, or else I wouldn’t have been with them. That’s why I don’t kiss and tell. That’s a terrible thing – sex is really personal between the two of you. It should never be talked about with anybody else. The subject shouldn’t even arise.”

Wendy Dio has enlisted an impressive lineup of big names for a tribute album to Ronnie James Dio. She says: “Rob Halford, Glenn Hughes, Dave Grohl have already signed up. I just roped in Alice Cooper and Sebastian Bach. Everybody has been amazingly supportive. Rob Halford calls all the time.”

Manowar will begin re-recording their upcoming album Hammer of the Gods in April. Bassist Joey DeMaio explains: “Drummer Donnie Hamzik is band in the band and that changed everything – all the songs we’d written have been thrown out, never to be heard from again. It’ll be worth the wait.”

Michael Sweet of Stryper says he can’t understand why WASP fans give Blackie Lawless a hard time for refusing to play some of his older songs now he’s found God. The Christian-rock singer comments: “Blackie chooses not to do a song because he feels convicted by doing it. That’s a stand-up guy; that’s honourable. You don’t slap someone because he’s honourable. A true fan would respect him for that. I support and applaud it.”

Don Dokken recommends people who smoke change to using e-cigarettes following surgery on his vocal cords. He says: “It’s been very frustrating not to be able to sing a hundred percent. All you how blasted me about smoking, you were right. It was vocal suicide. I recommend the e-cigarette: you get your nicotine fix without getting cancer.”

Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross last night won an Oscar for their soundtrack to the movie The Social Network. The Nine Inch Nails mainman says: “It’s humbling and flattering beyond words.”

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