12 short news stories from the world of rock and metal: Megadeth, Maiden, Kiss, Saxon, Def Lep, Sepultura and more

Kiss Kasket

Go out in style: Kiss Kasket

Dave Mustaine says it wasn’t appropriate for Megadeth to attend the Grammy Awards until recently. His band didn’t win at the weekend but he explains: “We started off playing music that was directly opposed to the establishment and all this kind of glitzy stuff, so we didn’t show up for the first several nominations. It wasn’t proper for our ilk to be here – but now we come because our kids want to be here.”

It would appear Iron Maiden aren’t massively impressed at having won the Grammy category Megadeth were nominated in – the band’s website simply states: “Last night Iron Maiden were awarded a Grammy for Best Metal Performance for the song El Dorado from the new album The Final Frontier.”

The legendary Kiss Kasket is back on sale, offering diehard fans the chance to be deadhard with their heroes. The premium model is made of steel and covered with band graphics, and it retails at $3999. A spokesman for Eternal Image, who make the products, says: “Fans worldwide have been waiting – we’ve received inquiries from as far away as the Netherlands recently.” Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell Abbott was buried in the last remaining original Kiss Kasket after he was shot dead on stage in 2004.

Sebastian Bach has signed to Frontiers Records for his next album, due out in the summer.

Charlie Gilmour, son of Pink Floyd mainman David, has appeared in court in connection with the student protests last year where he was caught hanging from a flag on the Cenotaph in London. He made no plea and the case was adjourned until March 25. Charlie, 21, has issued a public apology for “a terrible insult to thousands of people who died for our country”.

Saxon‘s next album will be called Call to Arms. It includes a choir of fans on one track and a guest appearance by Deep Purple keyboardist Don Airey on another two.

Cannibal Corpse will release a live DVD, Global Evisceration, on March 15. The disc includes two full concerts from May last year, extra performance footage and behind-the-scenes clips shot during the band’s Evisceration Plague tour.

Def Leppard are offering a limited-edition shirt in memory of guitarist Steve Clark, who died in 1991. The band say: “Steve would have turned 51 on April 23. We wanted to do something special this year so we’re releasing the shirt soon. It will only be available online and for a limited time.” Register your interest.

Iced Earth mainman Jon Schaffer says the band’s tenth album will prove he has as much energy as when he started out. “The record is inspired, focuses and to the point,” he explains. “It’s really heavy stuff. People probably think I don’t have it in me any more, but they’re going to be proved wrong about that. We’re coming back with a vengeance – we’re out for blood.”

A Perfect Circle could begin writing new material following their reunion, if only guitarist Billy Howerdel can find the right working conditions. He says: “I had a house with a studio but I sold it, and I’ve had the biggest void of writing in the past few years. It’s the worst reason in the world not be writing, but we can turn it round pretty quickly, if I can find a place to start working.”

Fifteen Brazilian metal bands have put together a tribute album to Sepultura, with each act covering one of their heroes’ tracks. It’s available free on the Sepultura website.

Blink 182 frontman Tom Delonge has explained the sudden cancellation of his Angels and Airwaves album and movie release. The two works, both called Love II, were due out today but now won’t appear until the end of the year. Delonge says: “We got people involved from the film industry and it’s changed the whole thing completely.” The movie will be shown at film festivals in the summer ahead of a combined release with the album in the autumn.

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