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Multi-tracking: Primus

Rex Brown of Down and Pantera fame has left Arms of the Sun, and frontman Lance Harvill says it was the best solution to preserve their friendship. “I love Rex, but if I say it’s red he sees it as blue,” Harvill explains. “It doesn’t make either of us right or wrong, but not getting executive decisions over songs written long before he joined created a problem for me. It’s understandable: you have the rock star who’s earned his stripes then you have me as the maniacal writer. We have separate visions for where a band should go. Much love to him, his beautiful family and his music endeavours.” Brown is currently working with Heaven and Hell drummer Vinny Appice in Kill Devil Hill.

Iron Maiden guitarist Janick Gers says the band’s new world tour kicked off last week with a Spinal Tap moment. The band are using their customised Boeing 757 jet, Ed Force One, for the second time on a global trek, but it didn’t all go to plan. “We were to set off for Russia from London in morning and we had a problem with the plane,” says Gers. “We actually had to have a new part made for it – then when it was put on it didn’t work.” All was resolved in good time, however.

White Wizzard mainman Jon Leon says he’s delighted singer Wyatt Anderson has returned to the fold after replacement Peter Ellis had to bow out with visa problems. Leon reports: “Wyatt has kicked serious ass and done an amazing job. He’s done with tracking vocals and the album will consist of twelve tracks.”

Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx has revealed he is the man behind the @rockfacts Twitter account. The feed releases a little-known detail from the annals of music history every day and has amassed around 28,000 followers in just over four months. Sixx says: “I know a hell of a lot of you follow @rockfacts and I always talk about it. Truth be told, I am Rockfacts. I just felt we needed a place to get cool info on music daily, and now it’s turned into something really badass. So now you can follow it and I can feed you updates guilt-free.” Recent posts include: “Originally started in ’59 to ‘ward off the threat of rock n’roll’, the Grammys didn’t include the Best Rock & Roll Recording category until ’62″; “Paul McCartney recorded an ultrasonic whistle at the end of “A Day in the Life” for his English sheepdog Martha”; “As a teenager Rod Stewart briefly worked as a grave digger and later at a funeral parlour to help him face his childhood fear of death”; “When Ritchie Valens recorded the demo for ‘Come On Let’s Go’ he had to have the tape played back because he made up the lyrics as he sang”.

Queens of the Stone Age have confirmed they’ll be performing their debut album in full when they tour later this year. The self-titled 1998 record will be rereleased on March 1 and includes three added tracks: The Bronze, These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For and Spiders and Vinegaroons.

Former Paramore guitarist Josh Farro admits relations between him and his former bandmates are at an all-time low, but he’s hopeful it will change in time: “We’re not on the best terms right now. I’m interested in seeing what they come up with – Taylor York and Hayley Williams are writing and they’re great writers, so I’m sure they’ll come up great stuff. Maybe they’ll like my new band Novel American too.”

Bring Me the Horizon guitarist Lee Malia says the band don’t listen to metal music any more: “We listen to everything else instead, that’s why the new CD doesn’t sound like anything else out there. We like playing metal, but we try to incorporate everything else into a metal band.”

Chris Broderick has revealed that Lamb of God’s Chris Adler isn’t the only metal musician to suffer acute stage fright. The Megadeth guitarist says: “Performance nerves are my biggest technical hurdle. I’ve always got very nervous when playing for others, and I’m only now overcoming the issue with all the touring.”

Primus‘ Les Claypool says the band’s first new release in 12 years is nearly ready, after they performed a sneak-preview track from the album in December. He reports: “If you enjoyed Last Salmon Man you’ll love the record because every song basically sounds exactly the same as that one. We just kept recording it and I would change a few of the lyrics around.” The band’s manager adds: “Every song is pretty much a variation of Don’t Fear the Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult. Everyone should buy two copies.”

Crowbar frontman Kirk Windstein has revealed a few little-known facts about himself. He says: “I’m addicted to diet soda and sparkling water. I like to wake up no later than 7am. I live in an all-black neighbourhood – we’re the only white family. I write my best riffs with the sun shining. I love folding laundry and doing yard work.”

Thrice are looking for some gear stolen when their lockup was broken into a few weeks ago. The thieves were caught and the band got some smaller items back, but would like to recover a black 85 Les Paul Custom with all-nickel hardware and a nick at the middle of the neck, a rare black Les Paul Custom Lite, a rare Fender Rhodes Mark V keyboard and a custom-built smoked acrylic C&C drumkit in sizes 24/14/18. Contact thricebay@gmail.com if you happen to see any similar equipment, especially in California.

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